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Our goal is to help you identify and realize savings across the full spectrum of goods and services that are bought in; while doing so, we produce significant cost savings, which are reflected in improved bottom-line financial performance.

Our primary clients are private and public organizations in Africa that want to purchase large ticket goods and services from UK, European, American and Asian markets.

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Let's meet our Chairman

Dedicated professional with over 20 years experience in Deal Structuring and Financial Engineering across various sectors around the world. Strong ethics and strict principles applied with integrity and courage.

Dr. Washington Kapapiro

Dr. Washington Kapapiro


We established APG to solve a need that we identified across Africa. Many companies have no effective method of purchasing goods and services from around the world. Their staff simply didn‘t have international contacts and as a result these companies paid a premium for goods from abroad. We aim to provide a cost effective solution to help Africa’s businesses grow.

BBC Interview on Corruption

“Through the work we have done around the world we have had a broad experience in both good and bad aspects of business. And amongst my least favorite has been corruption and nepotism. Corruption is not unique to Africa; it’s certainly global. And it’s often applied in procurement. As a company we abhor all forms of corruption. We adhere to Anti-Bribery and Corruption (ABC) Regulations.” – W. Kapapiro